Introduction to GDPR

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation act. This act requires you to protect all users of your app within the EU by giving them more privacy and allowing them to 'opt-in' to using your app.

We've implemented internal processes to anonymize user data in a way that still makes it useful for you, while ensuring that user identity is protected. For example, whenever the updated Fyber SDK receives an indication that a user declined consent, it automatically anonymizes the GPS coordinate data and/or IP addresses before passing the ad request to demand partners for ad delivery, to ensure that no personal information is processed.

In addition, Fyber will flag its demand partners that the user did not provide the consent required under GDPR and does not wish to be served with targeted ads on the app. In such cases, only contextual ads will be shown to that user. Contextual ads are ads that are served based on the content of the page, app or site the user is viewing, and not based on personal data of a user.



All of Fyber’s SDKs will be updated prior to May 25, 2018. Fyber will send all publishers an update when a new SDK is available for download.


All new SDK will include new APIs to communicate user consent provided on the app to Fyber and will also include features to propagate consent to Fyber’s demand partners.

Updating your apps to Fyber’s latest SDK is essential to ensure your compliance with GDPR.



We strongly recommend notifying your users that they must update their app to the latest version to ensure compliance with the new EU regulation.

During the SDK update transition period, Fyber will enable only contextual ads (see above) to your EEA users or, if requested by the publisher, to all users, by removing all personal data of users who have not provided explicit consent.

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